Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Brief Update

Just a brief update tonight. Hopefully, over the next week I will get a few regular post up. Spike and I have spent most of our off time from work during the last three weeks stripping wallpaper and then painting our kitchen. Between work, re-modelling and trying to mend a fractured ankle, I just have not been able to get much accomplished.

I did build a 3x2 foot blue-foam board, painted and sanded for Tunisia and the Western Desert. i tried a few "new" techniques, and I will be passing them along. I also got to play a quick BBPW pitting a German Panzer Group against a team of green US troops at Kasserine.  I'll file a report on that one soon, with some thoughts on "scenario specific" tweaks on tank stats (the M3 Lee, in this case).

I have just about finished writing up the Trench Mission cards, and will hand them over to Spike for formatting.

PW:ECW has me still debating how best to represent the different tactics and usage of cavalry.  I did take a couple of hours one evening, while the paint was drying, to build a Fiddler's Green paper model of Stokesay Castle, which will stand in for Basing house when I attempt a PW:ECW Storming Party. I am re-reading Bill Protz's excellent "Wargamer's Guide to the English Civil War" for the wonderful section on fortified places and sieges.

Again, thanks for checking in, and your comments are always appreciated.

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  1. 17th century sieges that is something.I look forward to reading more...
    best wishes