Thursday, January 17, 2013

Western Desert -1941 TankBattle

Having truly enjoyed my last 1941 Desert game, I decided to run another , this time featuring two predominately tank forces. For the British, all rated "average":

Tanks, slow A9&A10(Move 2)   4 Units  12 SP
Tanks, Fast A13( Move 4 )           2 Units   6 SP
Light Tank(MG) MkVI                 2 Units    6 SP
Armored Car                                 2 Units    6 SP
Infantry                                          2 Units    8 SP
Trucks                                            2 Units    4 SP
Hurricane Fighter-bomber            1 Unit      4SP

13 Units, 46 Strength point,   Critacal Point-16 hits

For the Italians, also rated "average":
Tank Units, M13 (Move 2)            4 Units      12 SP
Light Tanks L6                                4 Units      12 SP
Armored Car                                    2 Units       6 SP
Cyclists                                             2 Units       6 SP
Falco fighter bomber                       1 Unit         3 SP

13 Units, 39 Strength points, Critical Point 13 hits.

The terrain featured  a low rise on the British right flank, a salt marsh or the British left, and a rocky patch in the Italian zone. the salt marsh was played in this manner: If you move into, or start a turn in the salt marsh, roll a Hit Result, On a roll that does damage, you are stuck, and your move over. If you started the turn stuck, and roll a hit. you take on damage point to your unit strength. Signify a stuck unit by placing it DIAGONALLY in the square. Any "stuck Unit" in Close Combat is considered Flanked.

The opening turn sees both fighter bombers zoom into action, with the Falco making a British motor rifle squad dodge a well placed bomb.

young Tori took more interest in the game tonight, helping me find any dice that left the table.

The British "stuck" an armored car in the marsh early. The Italians put some pressure on the British left. hits were traded quickly.

Having dropped her bombs, the Hurricane tried to shoot down the Falco.

Action grew intense around the salt marsh. The armored car got  out, only to be followed by an A13.  The other A13 was destroyed by a pair of heroic Motorcycle Units launching close assaults. A Vicker's light tank closes with one of the motorcycles, and lays in a withering burst of fire. Most of the italian vehicles on the right flank have taken hits.

The Falco escapes the guns of the hurricane, and gets in one more strafing run against the Motor rifles. Tank units from both sides burn in the background. The mA13 is still "stuck", and taking damage.

The Italians have had enough, and begin to cautiously fall back. The British begin to "tidy" their left flank. Both fighter-bombers have expended their fuel, as well as their bombs.

The British right begins to push forward, rolling back the Italian light armor. With several undamaged Units, the British are in a good position to exploit their victory!

GAME NOTES: With no Anti Aircraft or Machine-gun Units,  the fighter bombers had some good chances against the "poor bloody ground-pounders" on both sides. By the time the bombs were dropped, both planes were out of fuel(6 turn limit) and had to peel off. Again, aircraft are fun to use!

The marsh was just UGLY! I think I will use the same mechanics for wetlands in Holland when a game Market Garden,  or in the Reichwald.


Friday, January 11, 2013

1941-Western Desert Assault

 I am glad to be back writing on the blog again. The holidays, overtime at work,  and the arrival of a new member to our home has played havoc with gaming and writing.
Last night I was able to play a game that had been set up and waiting for over a week. Here are the starting forces for the British:

1 Commander Unit(in Chevy) 2 Strength Points
4 Tank Units(A9 and A10's)   12 SP total
2 Light Tank Units(Mk VI's)    6 SP
1 Armoured Car Unit                3 SP
2 Field Artillery Units(25pd)   4 SP
4 Infantry Units                         16 SP
6 Trucks and Tractors               12 SP
1 Hurricane fighter                     3SP

15 Combat Units, 58 SP,  4 Initiative dice. All rated 'average", except the tanks and light tanks, rated "poor" for thin armour and breakdown problems.

Dug in and waiting, here are the Italians:
1 command Unit                        2 SP
2 Tank Units(M13)                    6SP
1 Anti tank Gun Unit                 2 SP
1 Infantry AT Unit(ATRifle)     2 SP
1 Machine Gun Unit                  2 SP
1 field Artillery Unit                 2 SP
1 Motorcycle Unit                     3 SP
2 Infantry Units                          8 SP
1 CR42 Falco Fighter Bomber 4 SP

11 Combat Units, 33 SP, 3 Initiative dice. All rated average, except the Field artillery, rated
elite".  The motorcycle unit was portrayed using the "cycles" section in the Optional Ground Combat Rules.    The "fighter bomber" was treated as a "bomber", with no gun capability UNTIL releasing its three bombs, at which point it is played as a fighter plane.


Early action saw the British advance on a wide front. The Royal Horse Artillery raced to get their guns in position. A bold Italian pilot launched an unsuccessful bombing attack on the  gun team and tractor.

As the British tanks close with the entrenched Italians, the RAF goes after the CR42, getting in a couple of quick hits.

The "Hurri" moves up to cover the left flank attack, which has hit solid opposition from an M13 Unit and a 47mm anti-tank gun.

Meanwhile, the RHA unlimbers, no longer threatened by the  biplane fighter.

A field of large stones channels the attack to  both flanks. Thin armour does not protect the British tankers from an assortment of Italian ordnance. Still, the right  flank does begin to roll back the defenders.

A Mk V1 brews up following an assault by the Italian infantry AT Unit. The "Hurri" now strafes the Italian artillery, with good results.

Infantry moves up, to push the defenders out of their shelters. Too many British tanks are falling to enemy fire and assault.  The Italians, though, have suffered heavy losses, and continue to fall back.

The Italians are beaten, but still manage to blunt the attack. The British have taken the field, but will have to await reserves to exploit their victory.

Again, the air rules make a fun game even more interesting.  The Falco slowed down the advance of the RHA, and the Hurri got in  good strafing run on the Italians, despite some fine AA work by the Machine gun Unit.

All of the vehicles and planes, and the Italian Infantry is from Flames of War. The British Infantry is from Old Glory.

Here is our new family member,Queen Victoria, known as "Tori". She was found on our doorstep the week before Christmas, and conned Spike, Boye and I into keeping her.  We are having to spend some extra effort to get her adjusted to living inside, but it is well worth it.

NEXT WEEK: 1941 Mobile Action in the Desert. Hope to see you then,